Congressman Mike Thompson Calls for Support for America’s Flower Farmers

As the the finer points of the Colombia Free Trade Agreement continue to be debated by Congress, the real concerns of California’s flower farmers were raised by Congressman Mike Thompson (CA-1) during last Thursday’s Ways and Means Committee Meeting.

Highlighting the past, present and future playing field that American flower farmers face due to federal trade policy, Congressman Thompson proposed an amendment that would provide resources to help mitigate against further farm and job loss due to “low priced, subsidized cut flowers from Colombia.”

You can hear the Congressman personally describe his amendment in this video of the Ways and Means Committee hearing here:

Congressman Mike Thompson proposes an Amendment to support America's flower farmers.

Congressman Mike Thompson proposes an Amendment to support America's flower farmers.

California’s cut flower farmers are fortunate to have such a champion supporting fair competition prior to approving a Free Trade Agreement with Colombia.  On Thursday, following the hearing, I  provided an official media statement on behalf of the California Cut Flower Commission regarding the Congressman’s proposed amendment here:

“California cut flower farmers are very pleased that Congressman Thompson introduced an amendment today to provide one-time seed money for a new national transportation and logistics center for California and US cut flower shipments. This is further proof that Congressman Thompson is a leader on agricultural and trade issues for our entire state.” [read the rest of the statement here: CCFC Media Statement on Thompson Amendment]

We now look forward to working with Thompson’s staff and the Administration to identify how best to support a national transportation center for domestic cut flower growers that will enable them to better compete on a more level and fair playing field with  imported flowers.

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