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Flowers Details
Golden Rod, Solidago (Solidago hybrid)
Common Name : Golden Rod, Solidago (Solidago hybrid)
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Meaning : N.A.
Vase Life : N.A.
Design Uses : N.A.
Origins : N.A.

Colors :
Resources : Farmers

Once relegated to pesky weed status, solidago has gained newfound popularity as an ingredient in today's popular garden-style floral designs. Solidago is a hardy herbaceous perennial that consumers may know as goldenrod. The flower features tiny yellow or whitish-yellow flowers growing on panicled or racemed plumes. Solidago is primarily native to North America, although some varieties are native to South America or Europe. Solidago derives its name from the Latin words solido, which means "to strengthen or make whole," and ago, which means "to make." The name refers to the medicinal properties attributed to the flowers.

Vase Life
7-10 days.

Care and Handling
Suitable for drying.

Design Uses
Used as filler.

Colors: Yellow.

Golden Rod, Solidago (Solidago hybrid)