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The transportation of California's cut flowers is of significant importance to our farms, their customers and to the flowers themselves. From post-harvest through the cold chain, California growers work towards the highest industry standards to ensure quality.

The CCFC's Transportation Committee is charged with monitoring and working towards the implementation of best practices of beneficial transportation programs on behalf of the entire state's growers.

"A New Model" for California

The CCFC's Transportation Committee has recently embarked on developing a new model for transporting California flowers to market. Working together, the committee is dedicated to accomplishing the following goals:

  1. Create a statewide logistics program that consolidates volume and reduces transportation costs. This program needs to appeal to a statewide stakeholder group of growers.
  2. Create a statewide program that ensures cold chain management practices and product quality control.
  3. Develop and establish the necessary organization for Grower management and supervision of the program/system/center.

Logistics & Transportation Committee

Chair, Rene Van Wingerden
Ocean Breeze International, District 3

Anthony Vollering
Sunshine Floral, District 3

Hans Brand
B&H Flowers, District 3

Wilja Happé
Farmers' West, District 3

Jennifer Everett
California Floral Greens, District 2

Paul Furman
California Pajarosa, District 2

Mike M Mellano
Mellano & Co., District 4

Chad Nelson
Eufloria Flowers, District 2

Vince Thomas
The Sun Valley Group, District 1

Winfred Van Wingerden
Maximum Nursery, District 3

EdVan Wingerden
Everbloom, District 3

Dan Vordale
Ocean View Flowers, District 3

Stopped Load?

This new program is designed to help ensure that our flowers are not faced with unnecessary delays at state or country boarders.