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The monthly availability of the floral products can be affected by a number of factors. Please check with your floral professional for up to date availability information on flower colors and varieties of the products you are interested in.
Flower Varieties and Availability
Burnet, Sanguisorba (Sanguisorba)
Butterfly Bush (Buddleia davidii)
Butterfly Orchid, Phalaenopsis Orchid (Phalaenopsis amabilis)
Butterfly weed (Asclepias tuberosa)
Caleanthus (Caleanthus)
Calendula (Calendula)
California Pepperberry (Schinus molle)
California Sage (Artemisia spp.)
Calla Lily, Trumpet Lily (Zantedeschia aethiopica)
Camellia (Camellia spp.)
Campion, Cathfly, Silene (Silene spp)
Candytuft (Iberis sempervirens)
Canterbury Bells, Bellflower, Chimney Bells (Campanula)
Cast-Iron Plant (Aspidistra elatior)
Cattail (Typha latifolia)
Celosia (Celosia spp.)
Chilean Heather (Fabinana imbricata)
China Berry (Cestrum diurnum)
Chinese Lantern (Physalis alkekengi)
Chinese Meadow Rue (Thalictrum dipteroearpum)