Origin Matters

We’ll Just Agree to Disagree

American Flower Farmers Lobby for Border Adjustment Tax, SAF Lobbies To Exempt Imported Flowers. You’ve probably heard someone use the phrase, “let’s just agree to disagree.” It’s often used when you get to that point in a conversation with your spouse, friend or colleague where neither side is budging on their opinion or perspective regarding an issue and someone finally says, “well, let’s just agree to disagree.” This phrase seems […]

My Small Farm’s Commitment To Something Bigger

Guest Blog By Flower Farmer Michael Genevose of Summer Dreams Farm. As a farmer, it is easy to fall into the daily grind and get comfortable. When you’re trying to start seeds, till new ground or finish harvesting before the rains come the farm is all-consuming. In farming, quality family time is often time spent in the field with your kids and spouse working on the […]

Tours Matter

Carpinteria Flower Farms Host 9th Annual Farm Tour.   Awareness. Approximately 80 percent of all cut flowers sold in the United States are imported from South America, primarily Colombia. A national consumer research study found that 74 percent of people have no idea where flowers come from, yet 58 percent would prefer flowers that are homegrown. Origin matters. Whether you’re focused on quality, […]