Thank You For 30 Years of Support!

We Felt the Flower Love! 

After 30 years of advancing the state’s cut flower industry and advocating for flower and foliage farmers, the California Cut Flower Commission (CCFC) is saying goodbye. And while we’re sad to see the organization come to an end, we’re excited to share that many of our programs, and our vision, will go forward through the reimagined nonprofit membership organization Certified American Grown (CAG).

Over the years, CCFC earned a reputation for sharing the beauty, value, and importance of the millions of stems of flowers and greens grown right here in California. Our voice was heard in the halls of the state capitol and in Washington, D.C., all with an eye on supporting the state’s flower-farming families and the income they contribute to the state’s economy while explaining to consumers and others why origin matters. 

More specifically, over three decades, CCFC helped expand the size and significance of the Congressional Cut Flower Caucus; established the BloomCheck Certification program; helped the Rose Parade return to its roots of showcasing California agriculture; created California Cut Flowers Month and American Grown Flowers Month; established Certified American Grown; provided California Grown Flowers to thousands of events; raised the profile of the state’s cut flower industry and the importance of flower origin with consumers; and reached new overseas markets with one of California’s most valuable exports. 

Which is all to say that CCFC moved the needle in so many, many ways on behalf of flower farmers and to the benefit of consumers. 

And we couldn’t have done it without the support of the farmers themselves, consumers, florists, wholesalers, and retailers who came to understand the #originmatters message and helped spread the word. 

I have been honored to have been able to serve all the cut flower farmers in the state as a Commissioner and Chairman of the CCFC for over 30 years.  Being part of the organization as a founding director (and now as the final Chairman) has been one of the most fulfilling accomplishments in my professional career and I want to thank each and every grower for allowing me to represent their collective and diverse interests.  It saddens me deeply to see the CCFC close down, but I am energized by the opportunities that lie ahead for all domestic growers through Certified American Grown movement and I encourage each and every cut flower farmer in California to jump on board to help us keep up the positive momentum that we’ve created.

– Michael A. Mellano, Mellano & Company, Chairman of the Board

Saying goodbye to a good thing is never easy, but luckily, we’re really just saying, “Meet us under a new umbrella!” 

Many of CCFC’s programs and people can be found over at Certified American Grown, an organization that allows us to carry on our work at a national level. And we’d be profoundly grateful if you would continue to support our mission and vision through CAG. 

“It is bittersweet for me to have had the privilege of being both a CCFC Founding Father / 2nd Chairman in 1990 as well as its closing CEO thirty years later.  As a life-long California cut flower farmer myself, I could not be prouder to have stood next to my fellow farmers all these years and accomplish this list of outstanding progress together. Knowing that change is constant and embracing that evolutionary process, I am excited to lead the launch team for Certified American Grown. I welcome the collective nation of flower farmers to join us in our cause and continue to feel inspired about the future of cut flowers and greens grown on American soil.” – Dave Pruitt, CEO

Certified American Grown logo

Certified American Grown is a diverse community of cut flower and foliage farmers from across the United States. As the voice for domestic farms, they work towards sustainability and prosperity through a unified voice, effective advocacy and strategic promotion. The iconic brand mark instills consumer confidence in place of origin.

Kee Kitayama Research Foundation logo

The Kee Kitayama Research Foundation was established in 1992 to conduct research and educational programs for California's cut flower and potted plant industry. The Foundation is a 501(c)3 non profit corporation formed to enable the industry to accomplish as a group what individual firms cannot do alone.

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The BloomCheck program establishes best practices for cut flower and foliage farms to assure consumers these farms are socially equitable, environmentally sustainable and economically viable.