Since California legislators established the California Cut Flower Commission (CCFC) in 1990 to address competitive challenges rising from increasing imports, the CCFC has championed and celebrated the beauty of cut flower farmers.

You’ve stopped by our booth at trade shows, cheered our floats in the Rose Parade, shaken hands with our representatives in the government halls in Sacramento and beyond.

And we’ve worked hard to be good representatives of California’s flower farmers and stewards of the cut flower industry. That’s why the CCFC was awarded a $224 Specialty Crop Block Grant to develop a sustainability program for our state’s industry that we call BloomCheck. Why we’re a driving force behind the successful Certified American Grown Flowers campaign to promote the quality and beauty of our nation’s flowers. And each year the CCFC organizes trips to Washington DC and Sacramento to address issues and identify opportunities to help improve the future of our farms.

But why stop there? We started with roses and those roots go deep. Look for us as we continue our Tournament of Roses Parade involvement, teaming up with the Cal Poly Universities, FTD, the Milk Advisory Board and Miracle-Gro to bring the world more breath-taking California Grown Rose Parade floats.

 As the voice of California’s 225 flower farmers and the state’s $320 million in cut flower and greens production, the CCFC is proud to represent the hard work of the state’s flower farmers and the bounty of their farms.