When it comes to beautiful bouquets, you may be partial to roses, tulips, lilies or irises, but it’s hard to top the quality that comes from the red, white and blue.

That’s why the CCFC is proud to support and administer the Certified American Grown (CAG) program. CAG is a coalition of flower farmers from across the United States, working together to provide you high quality, freshness, consistency and sustainability. We want you to “take pride in your flowers,” just as our tagline says.

But don’t take us on that word alone. When you buy Certified American Grown Flowers, you’re purchasing a certification process that guarantees the flowers and foliage were grown in the United States. Certified American Grown is the only third party verification program in the country, ensuring that the flowers you are purchasing are American Grown.

It is a promise and source of supply that you can build your business on.

Learn more about Certified American Grown and the nationwide American Grown Field to Vase Dinner Tour at americangrownflowers.org.

Guests celebrate Certified American Grown Flowers during the American Grown Field to Vase Dinner.