Eufloria Flowers



Eufloria Flowers has been a premier grower of varietal roses for over seven generations. Our flowers are of rare quality and performance, and are consistently recognized as the most beautiful roses throughout the industry.

Established in 1984 as Koch Mesa Nursery and renamed in January 2000, we pioneered and perfected hydroponic growing methods that enable Eufloria Flowers to set a standard for quality and innovation.

Eufloria is recognized as the premier boutique grower of hydroponic hybid tea roses of unmatched quality and performance. Eufloria Flowers is not about growing mass quantities of generic roses; it’s about the art and experimentation of optimum growing. With a rich family heritage, a well-entrenched European affiliation, and a care-giving, knowledgeable staff, Eufloria Flowers aspires to cultivate the finest roses available throughout North America.

Consistently among the most beautiful roses in the world, Eufloria’s roses have been enjoyed by millions of people over recent years at the Kentucky Derby, The Pasadena Tournament of Roses Parade, prestigious political inaugurations, celebrity special events, various television documentaries, movies and several of John Henry’s special edition collections. Eufloria Flowers takes great pride in being requested by name for both world renowned events and everyday special occasions.

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