There is nothing more satisfying in life than growing plants, whether they are food, fiber or flowers. I planted my first vegetables when I was 11 years old and although I was told that carrots can only be “thinned out”, NOT transplanted, I was not about to waste a single carrot. Much to my father’s amusement, I first thinned out and then carefully transplanted about a hundred carrots. Albeit a bit deformed, they all grew into full sized carrots; maybe that’s what sealed my future as a grower of plants and flowers. We emigrated from Holland in 1967 (the same year as my carrot debut) and settled in one of the best towns of America - Carpinteria, CA. My forefathers had been growers for the last several hundred years, so I guess you can say that growing plants runs in the gene pool. Having visited Holland on many occasions since, I can safely say that our move from my Dutch town, Naaldwijk to Carpinteria, was the most valuable gift my father could have given his family. Not only has the private enterprise system of America given us incomparable opportunities, the quality of life and the freedom to pursue one’s dreams are still very much a part of the American fiber. With over 275 gerbera varieties to choose from, Ever-Bloom’s niche is to fill just about any special order that our customers may need. Our 15 acre state of the art greenhouses ensure that our crop is top quality, which is then handled by a highly trained and dedicated staff to guarantee customer satisfaction. Our “closed loop” growing technique allows us to recycle all of our water and fertilizer and makes certain that that waste is kept to a minimum. The backbone of our integrated pest management (IPM) program is the predacious insects that are constantly released to keep harmful pests under control. Carpinteria is blessed with the most amazing microclimate that allows farmers to grow a multitude of different crops. Although our greenhouses are a necessity for growing Gerbera Daisies and Anthurium; in Carpinteria, we can often just open up the greenhouse vents and let Mother Nature do her thing. So do I live in paradise? I sure do!

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