Ocean Breeze Farms

Rene VanWingerden giving a tour during the annual Carpinteria Greenhouse Open House.



My favorite part of growing are Sundays…I love Sundays…I get to walk around the quiet greenhouses and admire all the work we have accomplished during the week.

Growing has been a tradition of my family’s since the 1600’s when the Van Wingerdens started growing berries and apples for additional income in Holland. That was just the beginning. Soon crops went from fields to commercialized greenhouse, from vegetables to flowers and from Holland to California.

I first started growing while working for my father, who has been my life’s inspiration, at his company called Dutch Brothers. After growing up in the family nursery, I decided to start my own growing tradition by forming Ocean Breeze International in 1973 and there was no better place to grow than in the perfect microclimate of Carpinteria.

Years have gone by, product lines have evolved, but some things will never change. Ocean Breeze still provides their customers with outstanding service, our product is of exceptional quality and I still love Sundays!