Protea USA



Protea USA was formed to develop, promote and preserve Proteaceae Floriculture. Our mission is to establish a superior genetic pool of Protea cultivars in southern California. Our goal is to provide quality plants and flowers of superior selections and health to the industry and provide the management and techniques to attain this. Since this is in place now, we have an excellent investment opportunity that is rare in that it is fantastic in return and as safe as Mother Earth. The company is headed up by Rua Petty, Lawrence Kellar and Dennis Perry, who between them have almost 100 years of hands-on Protea experience and success, as well as farming and livestock production.

Protea USA also participates in community outreach programs as well as being instrumental in developing innovative new propagating, growing, pruning, harvesting and marketing techniques. Protea USA is an active member of the California Protea Association (CPA), the International Protea Association (IPA), a member of the San Diego County Farm Bureau and also a member of the Fallbrook Chamber of Commerce. Our dedicated team is committed to providing you with cost effective quality solutions to successfully grow these exotic flowers.