Rose Lane Farms



I am a garden rose goddess! Domestic garden roses are the only product I grow at my boutique farm in Los Angeles County. I love getting up early before sunrise and driving out to the farm to start cutting and watering. When the sun starts to envelope the rose bushes, that is when their fragrance is so permeating. I have a special bush called The Mermaid. It is 15 feet tall, 10 feet wide and still growing. The local birds have made it their sanctuary and I have seen so many baby birds hatch there.

My passion for growing these types of roses is the end result - they are unbelievably fragrant and beautiful. They have a certain nostalgia to them that you do not get from a mass produced rose. They make people remember family members that grew roses, usually a grandmother or mother. I have people stop in from time to time just to walk around and remember times past. Designers enjoy being able to come and see exactly what I have so that they can create that perfect piece for a wedding, print ad, or event. Quite unusual for Los Angeles!

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