Topstar Floral



Topstar has been around for over twenty five years and enjoys a position of prominence in the cut flower industry: we are known to produce top quality lisianthus, belladonna delphinium, lilies, veronica, as well as other beautiful cut flowers

Our office and packing facilities are located in Oxnard, California near the beach. The mild climate close to the Pacific is very suitable for greenhouse operations. We also have field production in Oxnard. We harvest the majority of our snapdragons from these fields. We also produce Volkerfrieden here.

We feel that the most important thing in business is the development of relationships: successful relationships. We value our vendors, employees, and customers. We go forth hoping that every transaction can be a "win-win" transaction and truth and fairness are paramount in the formula of success. We look at our customers as an extension of our own sales staff and hope through effective communication that a lasting partnership can be formed.