Gerbera Daisies

Flower Description

Large, disc-shaped flowers carried atop long, fuzzy, leafless stems are hallmarks of the gerbera, a bloom native to South Africa and Asia, now cultivated by tissue culture. Gerberas are members of the Compositae family. These flowers are available in many colors, with light- or dark-colored centers, and in standard or micro sizes. Spider forms of gerberas are also offered.

Vase Life
With proper care, gerberas can enjoy a vase life of 4-14 days.

Care and Handling
Any container used with these flowers should first be sanitized, as the frequently hollow-stemmed gerbera is especially susceptible to bacteria. Gerberas are also sensitive to fluoride, so use nonfluoridated water when processing gerberas if possible. Cut gerberas’ stems under water before placing them in a clean container holding a properly prepared fresh flower-food solution.

Design Uses
Gerberas are versatile blooms that are often used as mass flowers in designs. They’re also popular in monocultivar bouquets, particularly when one seeks a retro 60’s look.