Celebrate ‘Mother’s May,’ support California Grown Flowers month 

Thanks to wholesalers, florists and consumers who supported California cut flower farmers, Mother’s Day overall was a floral success! 

In fact, in many areas, the response was better than expected, with many retailers selling out of flowers and florists having to ramp up significantly to keep pace with orders.

In other words, a good problem to have – and one that flower farmers greatly appreciate!

As Benno Dobbe, owner and CEO of Holland America Flowers explained:

“Demand was higher, the market seems to be getting better after many weeks of disappointing sales numbers for nearly every flower farmer.” 

Ivor Van Wingerden, Ocean Breeze Farms

“Sales for Mother’s Day were very strong, particularly the week directly before. Even more importantly, we have seen that the strength has continued into the following week as well. The Monday after Mother’s Day was the best one we’ve had in five years, and by a margin,” shared Ivor Van Wingerden of Ocean Breeze Farms. 

But even with the recent success, not all farms are where they need to be to keep going. Thankfully, there’s a solution! 

Consumers, wholesalers and florists can keep the momentum going and keep supporting cut flower farmers by backing what we’re calling “Mother’s May.” After all, for all they do, mom’s deserve more than one day of celebration. And since many are working from home, assisting with distance learning and still handling their usual mama duties, they’ve earned more flowers than ever this May!

We’re urging everyone to continue to honor their hardworking mom’s with California Grown Flowers. 

And, as we roll into June, we have another reason to celebrate: June is California Grown Flowers Month. 

Perfectly timed for the peak production of amazing California blooms and foliage, June is the month to continue to support flower farmers and purchase flowers for life’s celebrations and to brighten your home. 

Remember to look for the California Grown logo to ensure your getting top-notch, fresh domestic flowers.   With your help, we can help all of California’s flower farmers continue to grow amazing blooms and greens, employ more workers and contribute to California’s economy. 

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