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Impact Report
Advancing California’s Cut Flower Industry, Advocating for Flower Farmers

The California Cut Flower Commission (CCFC) unites the state’s approximately 225 flower farmers to advance California’s $320 million flower industry. Here’s a look at the impact CCFC has had on policymakers, wholesalers, florists, consumers and flower farms over the last four years.

Expanding the Size, Influence of the Congressional Cut Flower Caucus

The Congressional Cut Flower Caucus was launched by a bipartisan effort of Congresswoman Lois Capps and Congressman Duncan Hunter in 2014. The caucus now includes six co-chairs and  over 25 members of Congress and is dedicated to promoting the domestic cut flower industry.

Growing the BloomCheck Certification Program

Created by CCFC in 2015, BloomCheck is the gold standard for sustainably grown cut flowers and greens in the United States. This rigorous certification assures buyers that the flowers they’re purchasing have been grown with great care by American farmers who respect the land and the people who work it.


BloomCheck Certified flower growers have completed a third-party audit to verify they use best practices that contribute to socially equitable, environmentally sustainable and economically viable farming. And only farmers who grow flowers and foliage in the U.S. and who meet BloomCheck’s exacting standards can earn certification. 


For growers, BloomCheck is recognition of their dedication to the environment, to employees and to delivering fresh, safe, breathtaking flowers and foliage. For flower buyers and consumers, it’s assurance that they’re getting flowers grown to the highest standards on U.S. soil.


In the last four years, seven farms have become BloomCheck certified, earning the most rigorous certification for sustainably grown cut flowers there is. 


And retailers recognize the benefits of BloomCheck, too. In fact, it’s the floral industry certification preferred by Albertsons stores thanks to its thoroughness. 

Developing New Programs, Reaching New Markets With Grant Funding

Nearly $600,000 has been earned in grants by CCFC in recent years. Grant funding helps expand the programming and reach of CCFC.

  • 2017 Emerging Markets Program


  • 2018 Market Access Program (China)


  • 2018 Quality Samples Program (China)


  • 2018 Emerging Markets Program (Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam)


  • 2018 Specialty Crop Block Grant


  • 2019 Market Access Program (South Korea, and Vietnam)


Returning Rose Parade to its Roots

Since 2012, CCFC has helped the annual Tournament of Roses Parade return to its roots of showcasing California’s agricultural bounty by certifying floats that feature over 85% of cut flowers and greens from the Golden State.


In 2019, a record nine entries earned the certification and won the hearts of millions of viewers nationwide.

Engaging Farms, Wholesalers, Florists and Consumers via Social Media

CCFC manages multiple social media accounts representing the floral industry, including California Grown Flowers, American Grown Flowers and the Field to Vase Dinner Tour.


The total impressions on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for these accounts during a single year are over 2 million, with a current following of more than 64,000 fans.


with more than

Leading California Grown Flowers Month Declaration

For the last four years, CCFC has worked with the state Senate to have June declared California Grown Flowers Month. In 2018 and 2019, CCFC asked retailers to create displays featuring California Grown Flowers and Greens and provided point of purchase and marketing materials for their displays.


Participating retailers included Safeway, Albertsons, Vons, Pavilions, Gelson’s, Bristol Farms and Lazy Acres Natural Market.

Certified American Grown

Certified American Grown is a unified and diverse coalition of U.S. flower farms representing small and large entities across the country. In just five years, Certified American Grown is the largest and most successful consumer-facing brand promoting the origin of flowers in the market.


Our 65 Certified American Grown Farms represent over half of all U.S. cut flower production!



Leading American Grown Flowers Month, Contest

Thanks to the efforts of Certified American Grown, for the last three years, the U.S. House and Senate have jointly introduced a bipartisan resolution declaring July “American Grown Flowers Month.” For the last two years, Certified American Grown also hosted the American Grown Flowers Merchandising Contest in connection with American Grown Flowers Month.


In 2018, nearly 1,200 retailers participated in the first-ever competition. The average sales increase for the top five stores from each company was more than 17.5 percent. Overall, participating stores reported an average increase in sales of 6.7 percent throughout the month of July.


saw an average of

Supporting the American Grown Act

When Alaska Congressman Don Young, a member of the Congressional Cut Flowers Caucus, introduced the American Grown Act that would require the federal government to purchase cut flowers and greens grown in the U.S. for use in its facilities, Certified American Grown and CCFC lent their support via a website and signature-gathering efforts.

Hosting an Award-Winning Dinner Tour

Launched in 2015, the award-winning American Grown Field to
Vase Dinner Tour invites guests nationwide to dine in the fields of America’s most stunning flower and foliage farms. The dinner tour is a cross-country series of gatherings where seasonal blooms dazzle on beautifully designed tablescapes dressed by top U.S. floral designers, while gourmet meals are prepared by well-known farm-to-table chefs.


Since launching, the 34 farm-based dinners have garnered unprecedented local and national media attention and provided a wildly successful way to showcase the beauty and heritage of America’s flower-farming families.



Garnering Attention and Kudos

How successful is the dinner tour?

In 2017, the tour snagged Floral Management’s 2017 Marketer of the Year Award.


At the time of the award, the marketing effort behind the tour had reached an estimated 482 million people through 505 media placements.

Starring at the First Ladies Luncheon

For the past four years, a 107-year-long tradition from the Congressional Club has showcased all American Grown Flowers and Greens, thanks to the efforts of Certified American Grown staff.


In 2019 alone, that meant procuring over 21,000 stems from certified farms and organizing a team of 30 designers and support staff who created 1,200 boutonnières, 144 table arrangements, 18 VIP room arrangements, six cascading head table designs and two floral “selfie walls.”

  • 21_farm_stem_icon_1

    certified farm stems

  • 1200_boutinnieres_icon_1


  • 144_table_arrangements_icon_1

    table arrangements

Procuring Blooms and Greens to Showcase

Each year, we showcase the beauty and bounty of American Grown Flowers and Greens by leading procurement efforts for major national events including: The Rose Parade, the American Grown Field to Vase Dinner Tour, the First Lady’s Luncheon, annual fly-ins and industry floral competitions.


In the last few years, homegrown flowers were procured for nearly 40 events!

Heading Up the Annual Washington, D.C. Fly-In

For nearly a decade, CCFC has been helping flower farmers add their voices to advocacy efforts and tell their personal stories to policymakers through an annual Washington, D.C., fly-in.


In recent years, we’ve added flower farmers from across the U.S. to our efforts, bringing them to our nation’s capital to communicate their successes and challenges, and rally support from representatives.

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