The countdown to the largest flower-giving holiday is upon us. Mother’s Day is May 14 – but there’s no need to panic!

Turn to these tips to prepare for success:

Hire extra help now. This might include designers, drivers and support staff. Also, let current employees know if their schedules will change leading up to Mother’s Day.

Double-check your flower orders. Be sure you have enough flowers and foliage coming, and increase your order if the season is looking particularly promising. Also, be sure you have enough of the most popular flowers for moms, and remember that this holiday isn’t about a single day – it tends to expand to a week.

Update your web and social. Update your website with any special Mother’s Day promotions, hours or special events. While you’re at it, why not schedule a significant number of social media posts now so you don’t forget during the rush?

Prep your space. Make sure your location is looking good to impress any new visitors. And get your workspace organized so it’s super efficient during this busy time.

Work ahead. If possible, work a day ahead on orders so you are able to help last-minute customers. After all, you never know how many new contacts you’ll be making and who will become your best new “regular.”

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